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Debra Grimaila is an experienced business attorney providing quality legal services at very reasonable prices. With a degree in finance and twenty five years practicing law, she is well positioned to serve your legal needs. Whether you need a contract written, a bill collected, a merger or acquisition, corporate formation or dissolution, lawsuit or transaction, Debra Grimaila can do it for you. Call...

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Litigation Attorney Tips

Litigation Attorney Tips

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Irvine Litigation Attorney | Business and Real Estate Litigation and Transactions

An experienced Irvine litigation attorney is able to help you with many different types of cases that involve litigation, whether you have a personal injury lawsuit or a contract breach. Personal injury covers many things, including slip-and-falls, vehicle accidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice, insurance issues and attorney malpractice.

Contract issues may cover many things, but the most common are breach of a contract or specific performance. In a breach, you may be sued for not complying with the contract, or you may sue another for not complying with the terms. Specific performance is a breach of a specific part of a contract, or if the whole contract states that one thing will be done, such as the purchase of real estate, you may sue for or be sued for specific performance.

Litigation attorneys flesh out all discovery — documents relating to the case, including contracts, medical records, pictures and videos. An experienced Irvine litigation attorney puts the pieces of the puzzle together to garner you a settlement or try to obtain a favorable outcome in court, or if you are being sued, to defend you against the lawsuit, whether coming to a settlement or, in some cases, getting the lawsuit dismissed.

An experienced litigation attorney is the best attorney to use, even if you think you might settle your case. Litigation attorneys also have excellent negotiation skills, and many cases do settle out of court, which saves you, whether you are the plaintiff — the person suing, or the defendant, the person being sued.

Car accidents and wrongful death accidents are also cases that a litigation attorney handles. You should contact an Irvine litigation attorney, especially if you lost a loved one in a wrongful death situation, whether because of a DUI, a car accident or medical malpractice. If you think your rights have been violated and think you may want to sue someone, or if you have been served with a lawsuit, contact an Irvine litigation attorney to professionally and skillfully handle your litigation and/or settlement issues.